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  1. Pam Myers says:

    Some people (like me) don’t eat dairy and wheat (GFCF diet). I also do not eat beef or pork. It would be nice if you had a menu option that did not have any cheese, wheat, or beef.

  2. Torie Towsend says:

    Can you please let your hours on the door reflect your actual open and close hours. For example if your not going to stay open until 7 pm like it says on the door then can you please put a sign up or change the hours so your customers are aware of you actual hours. It would be beneficial to you and your customers if you were available Monday -Friday as it states on the door. I really enjoy coming here and I know that there are a lot of other people that enjoy it as well but I don’t very often because I don’t know when you will be open and closed. thank you

  3. Kerry Hall says:

    WOW! Today was my first time trying Carlito’s and I will be back time and time again! I’m from Arizona and I have been trying to find anything comparable, there is not much. Carlito’s is the best Mexican food I’ve had since I left Arizona! I will bring may people here to eat! BEST place in Columbia no doubt!

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